We’re looking at ways to make your refrigerator run a little more effectively in order to keep those bills down. These are simple tips that should help any home!

Line Your Shelves: Sometimes the transparent shelves makes a fridge feel like a black hole. Line your shelves with plastic mats to visually organize things, and make clean-up easier. If you spot a spill, you can simply remove and wipe, instead of crouching and reaching to quickly contain the mess.

Check the Door Seal: Use a thin piece of paper or dollar bill to check whether your seal is losing air. Hold it up next to the closed refrigerator door and see if it flutters at all. The rubber or plastic door seal on your refrigerator can be easily replaced and although it might seem like a pain, we promise it’s not. No one wants to pay to refrigerate their entire kitchen, especially when it’s only a few bucks for a new gasket!

You do not need to use a storage bag to keep food fresh in the fridge for a long time! Because, with the Samsung Twincool technology, even the greenery keeps its freshness!

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Make Sure to Mark Food: Marking your food with the date you cooked it as well as what’s inside the bag is very important. Having the date on it ensures you will know how long it’s good for and can make sure you eat the older recipes first. Marking what meals are in the fridge is a fast and easy way to let you know what you have available.

Fill Empty Space with Water: Using empty soda bottles, juice containers, or even store bought water jugs can help keep your fridge full when you aren’t packing it to the gills. It helps keep things cold so your refrigerator doesn’t have to work as hard. As an added bonus you will always have water for the zombie apocalypse.